28 Mar

Greywater Wetlands Workday

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A fun day with Vajra Azaya and other friends, creating a constructed wetlands using the greywater from our house.

On March 4th, we had a workday at Awesome Hollow to build a "greywater oasis" using recycled water from our house and a large gravel pit filled with aquatic plants.  The design is simple and effective- the water from the sinks and bathtubs is routed into a gravel bed where the rocks and the plant roots filter the water.  The plants have a steady supply of water as long as humans are doing their part taking showers and washing the dishes :-)

Once the water has been filtered by the plants and gravel, we routed it down to our pond so that it can continually top off our water table and keep the water we use on our land.  This is a super great way to retain water, filter it, and grow plants.  It was a great day and so far, the system is working splendidly!  Many thanks to everyone who came out, and especially to our partners Vajra Azaya who helped with materials and rallied lots of volunteers.  

Keep your eyes peeled for our next workday!

Wesley Thoricatha

Creation Flame President and Co-founder, Permaculture Designer, Artist
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