Weekly Services

Summer 2012 Lecture Series:

More on our Weekly Services:

Our weekly services, known as Conscious Celebrations, are Awesome.

Creation Flame's weekly services are where our community comes together to worship, which we do by sharing space, positive energy, skills, art, information and mutual upliftment.  Our gatherings include discussion of spiritual and sustainable topics, group meditation, vocalization exercises, and educational workshops and videos.  Often we have fire spinning, singing, dancing, and music afterwards.  If you have a song, instrument, poem or anything else to share, please bring it!

A community centered around Love and Awesomeness

Our weekly services are normally held at Awesome Hollow, but occasionally we hold them in Austin in affiliation with our friends such as LoveATX or Community Cultivators.  Feel free to Contact Us if you want to confirm when and where our next service is.  Hope to see you soon!