Love Fearlessly

Art is our Passion.  Art is Love expressed.

Be it painting, building, or organic gardening, when one does what they love and "follows their bliss" magic is sure to happen. We encourage everyone to follow their heart's passion in life and embark on a journey of creative self discovery. Whatever you feel called to do is your art, and you have no bounds but your own imagination as to what you create.

Joining forces with others amplifies our Power.

We are not meant to go the journey alone.  When we gather with resonant souls and share our awesome gifts, our powers of manifestation increase exponentially.  Awesome Hollow is that gathering place, and we invite superheroes, healers, artists, builders, designers, gardeners, and all bright souls to join us in co-creating the most Awesome world possible.  Your gift is an essential piece of the puzzle and we hope you are inspired to share it with us and with others wherever you are.  

We are the Ones we have been waiting for.

We are Co-Creators of All That Is. Our Life is our Art.

So why not be as awesome as possible? Why not make the World as awesome as possible too? Make it sustainable, make it sane, make it beautiful, and make it all we can ever dream! Reclaiming and embracing our creative power changes our life from a meaningless struggle through artificial systems and adopted ideas, to an epic, constantly unfolding tale… a dance with the Universe and our infinite nature.

So what is Your mission?