Live Sustainably

The Earth is our Mother.   We are part of Nature.

Our natural systems need us to remember our fundamental unity with them.  For when that sacred bond is rekindled once and for All, we will finally have steered ourselves back from the brink of destruction to a New Earth of endless possibilities.

We are in a period of unprecedented opportunity, with so many exciting developments in Permaculture, renewable energy, open source technology, gardening techniques, and methods for natural building.  Awesome Hollow is the testing ground for these exciting methods of connecting with the land and life around us.  

Compressed earth blocks (CEB's) can be made from the dirt beneath our feet and construct an extremely durable dwelling with unmatched insulation.  We plan on doing just that with the open source CEB press, or "Liberator", that we were the first in the world to replicate.

Reconnecting with Nature and harnessing her flows to provide abundantly for our needs is Sacred Sustainability.