Open Source Ecology

The Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) is an open technological platform that allows for the easy fabrication of the 50 different Industrial Machines that it takes to build a small civilization with modern comforts.

"A modern, comfortable lifestyle relies on a variety of efficient Industrial Machines. If you eat bread, you rely on an Agricultural Combine. If you live in a wood house, you rely on a Sawmill. Each of these machines relies on other machines in order for it to exist. If you distill this complex web of interdependent machines into a reproduceable, simple, closed-loop system, you get (the Global Village Construction Set)."
- Marcin Jakubowski, founder - Open Source Ecology

In 2011, after seeing Marcin's popular TED Talk on Open Source Ecology, Creation Flame co-founder James "Bunny" Slade found his calling and immediately began exploring and building OSE equipment. With the help of key collaborators Jason Smith, Tiffany Kerr, and many others, Creation Flame became the world's first replicator of the Liberator Compressed Earth Block (CEB) Press, and the first independent party to successfully replicate any GVCS machine.

Today, Creation Flame works closely with Marcin Jakubowski and other OSE collaborators on design, fabrication, testing, and documentation of GVCS equipment. We offer regular tours of our OSE equipment at Awesome Hollow, and are available to produce machines and provide training for interested parties.

"I've planted 100 trees in a day. I've pressed 5,000 bricks from the dirt beneath my feet, and built a tractor in 6 days. From what I've seen, this is only the beginning. If this idea is truly sound, then the implications are significant. A greater distribution of the means of production, environmentally sound supply chains, and a newly-relevant D.I.Y. maker culture can hope to transcend artificial scarcity. We're exploring the limits of what we all can do, to make a better world with open hardware technology."
- Marcin Jakubowski, founder - Open Source Ecology

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