Wesley Thoricatha

Wayshower, Flamekeeper of Visions

Wesley has been creating art and studying spiritual philosophy throughout his life.

Introduced by his grandmother to Parmahansa Yogananda's "Autobioraphy of a Yogi" at an early age, Wesley would spend many precious moments with her visiting the Advaita Vedanta and Self Realization Fellowship temples in Hollywood and sharing revelatory experiences.  This would set the fertile ground for a life devoted to self discovery and application of spiritual principles.  As Creation Flame's Wayshower, Wesley facilitates the weekly services and guides the group meditations.  
"Embracing Love and overcoming fear is the way to an Awesome life.  By following our heart's voice and sharing it with the world, we manifest the lasting joy of self-fulfillment and attract a brilliant community of like minded souls."

Wesley studied art and computing at the University of California at San Diego's John Muir college.  

Fascinated by artists throughout the ages but not finding himself resonating with the vast majority of modern art, it wasn't until many years after college that Wesley uncovered a style of artistic expression that felt completely his own.   Based in the fearless expressiveness and raw energy of Burning Man art and inspired by his own visionary experiences, Wesley has created mixed media art and installation that has been featured at Art Outside, Alchemeyez Visionary Arts Congress, the Temple of Visions, Play Immersion, and more.  His art can be seen at: thoricatha.com
Wesley also has a passion for fire spinning and the Flow Arts.  He has taught classes on Poi and Spinning as a Meditative Art and loves to share the joy of spinning with others.  As Flamekeeper of Visions, Wesley supports the growth of Flow Arts and artistic creation of all kinds.  

Be Awesome and Love Fearlessly