James "Bunny" Slade

Worldbuilder, Flamekeeper of Sustainability

"What started all this for me was a crisis in my life that led me to travel the world."

"I got a different perspective of how things could be. A vision of a communal space, where we had several homes and common work areas. A major sharing of resources, work load reduction, community and more free time. After returning to the states and having another major change in my life, I decided it was time to put this vision into action. This led to buying Awesome Hollow. Once out here we started talking about sharing this space with others in a spiritual way. Having a place where people could come out and learn how to live with the land, be more eco friendly and rely upon themselves more. Soon after I also saw Marcin Jakubowski's Ted talk on Open Source Ecology and knew what I had to do next. Replicating the GVCS here was my mission and my way of helping the world. It was also then that I left my corporate job in the software world to do this type of work full time. We decided to make our spiritual place more official and started Creation Flame. This was a unity of Summer, Wes and myself all living out our dreams and sharing it with everyone else. It has grown exponentially ever since.  Today as Worldbuilder and Flamekeeper of Sustainability, I oversee Creation Flame's work on the GVCS and building of our sustainability infrastructure.  Of course all is shared with our community in the form of workshops, tours, and training."
"My background in life is very broad. Skills have ranged from mechanics, PC hardware and software, commercial gaming, horticulture, construction, carnival work, electronics, fire protection systems, security, farming, fabrication, welding, quality control, firework vendor, pizzeria, cabling, trainer, counselor, minister, diver and driver. To say I've experienced life would be an understatement. The amount of things I have gone and done leave me in a place of gratification and awe. Been there and done that is a motto that describes me well. These days I look to share my experiences with those who wish to hear them and continue to have more."

"Working towards making the world a better place for those who come after me is a high priority."