Awesome Hollow

Awesome Hollow is our Sacred Space, a sustainable farm and Creation Flame's spiritual center.

Siting on 3.5 acres in Cedar Creek, Texas, Awesome Hollow is the name we have given the land that houses Creation Flame and its community residents.  It is a place for healing, worship, creating art, learning to Live Sustainably, and most of all, for inspiring our community.  If we can do this, so can You!

Awesome Hollow is where we hold our Weekly Services and Events.

Creation Flame holds its regular Wednesday evening services at Awesome Hollow, complete with guided tours of the property, group meditation, and more.  Visit our Weekly Services page to learn more. 

A fertile ground for testing, implementing, and teaching how to Live Sustainably.

Inspired by Permaculture and driven to embody a way of living that is in harmony with the Earth's ecosystems, we actively explore both new and old methods of sustainable living.  Raising pygmy goats and chickens, we provide for our own dairy and egg needs.  Using wicking beds and aquaponic gardening systems, we conserve large amounts of water and get superb yields of fresh fruits and veggies.  Recycling our greywater allows us to reuse kitchen and bath water to grow plants and filter it into our pond, cleaning the water we use and keeping it on our property.  And building an open source earth block press from plans on the internet has proved Open Source Ecology's basic premise to be correct- regular people can empower themselves to provide for their own needs, even in the realm of heavy machinery.  

A place to teach and learn, educating our local community and sharing all we know and are with the World.

These awesome projects and more have taught us countless things about the sustainable lifestyle, but they are just the tip of the iceberg!  At every step, we share our experiences with others through our weekly services, workshops, scheduled tours, and work days.