About Creation Flame

Creation Flame is a Non-Profit Spiritual Organization that exists to heal the world through doing and being Awesome!

We founded Creation Flame on the principle that as part of the human and planetary community, it is both our responsibility and joy to uplift ourselves, our fellow living beings, and our natural ecosystems in whatever way we find most fulfilling and awesome. To this end we focus on three aspects of right living: sustainabilityholistic health, and fearless creativity.  Sharing these ideals, encouraging others to find their unique path of awesome service, and holding group meditations is how we worship and serve our community.

Mission Statement

Creation Flame exists to worship the divine in All That Is and heal the world through creative action.  Seeing both the internal spiritual journey and the outward expression of our lives as One, our community fosters spiritual growth through meditation and introspection, and benevolent service to All That Is by being and doing what we Love.

We caretake the land we call Awesome Hollow.

We hold Weekly Services with our Awesome community.

We work closely with Open Source Ecology.

We work and play with Our Friends.

Meet the Founders:

Summer Hargrave
James "Bunny" Slade
Wesley Thoricatha